A letter from Catharine Baker: Thank you to AD16 Volunteers

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June 12, 2014

Dear Volunteers,

The June 3rd primary could not have had a better outcome for my campaign, and I want to thank you personally for the critical role each and every one you played in that success.

Your volunteer support came in so many ways, and was nothing short of amazing to me. You hosted very successful events, both in private homes and at large venues. You generously gave your own time away from your jobs and families to walk precincts, make phone calls, write articles and social media posts, organize event opportunities, put up signs, and provide helpful feedback. And you made a significant financial contribution personally and through networking with others who share our values about the future of our community and our state. Your efforts raised awareness, volunteer support, and financial support for my campaign, and you did all of this as first-time volunteers for a campaign.

I am also mindful of the thoughtful process through which you examined all of the candidates. You did not have a knee-jerk reaction or shallow consideration. You did not constrain yourselves with partisan rhetoric. You thoroughly reviewed my candidacy and platform, asked me a variety of good questions, analyzed data and strategies, and deliberated among yourselves well. Your process was impressive and so organically driven. You may not know how very rare that is, but I do, and it makes me even more honored to have your support.

You may have heard this from me before, but I do admire how you, upon learning about SCA-5, did not just complain and do little or nothing. You did not just have a spark of action that waned. You did something, something significant, and followed through with real, organized, and truly effective action. Admiration and deep gratitude are what I feel for your efforts.

As a Republican all of my voting life, often living and working with others who disagree with my political beliefs, I am no stranger to standing alone sometimes or being the only person willing to say what I believe. In this primary, I was grateful and honored to have you standing with me for what we believe.

There is a path to victory in November, and I intend to lead on that path. My family and I ask for your continued help and would be honored to have it. For now, though, I wish to thank you for your friendship and amazing support and just let you know how grateful I am.

With deep gratitude,

Catharine Baker